The Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI) in conjunction with its affiliated East European Risk Policy Institute (EERPI) today in Milan, Italy, announced the formation of a fourth Special Purpose global network covering Fraud and Counterfeiting to operate within the ARPI Global Risk Policy Network.

ARPI is the global leader in new thinking and new approaches to risk through ‘Risk Policy’ and has published a Risk Policy Model at which is becoming recognised as a global standard on Risk Policy.

EERPI is the first affiliated Risk Policy Institute with ARPI and has been established in conjunction with VUZF University in Bulgaria.

‘The purpose of the Global Fraud and Counterfeiting Risk Policy Network (GFCRPN) is to bring together the world’s top professionals from different areas combatting fraud and counterfeiting and apply Risk Policy thinking, approaches and frameworks to solve problems, enhance compliance and enforcement and also to achieve innovation in methods and systems using advanced technology’ Tony Charge said.

Chairman of EERPI, Ivan Savov, an ARPI Fellow, will convene the Global Fraud and Counterfeiting Risk Policy Network under the successful framework established by ARPI operating in other Global Networks dealing with Security Risk Policy and Complex Project Management Risk Policy.

‘This new approach of GFCRPN will build a network of global capability in Fraud and Counterfeiting which would otherwise not exist and secondly, it will empower the network to tackle issues through different and collective thinking. New solutions are required for today’s new challenges many of which have never been seen before’ announced Mr Savov.

‘After establishing the network with top specialists forming a Steering Committee, we will proceed to formulate a global agenda of challenges, issues and opportunities’ Mr Savov concluded.