Associate Professor Dr. Manu Moravenov, who is leading courses “Electronic Exchanges” and “Alternative Investments” at VUZF University, participated in the establishment of the Council for Capital Market Development in his capacity as Chairman of the Association of the special purpose investments companies, which is a member of the Council.

At the initiative of the Central Depository, the Financial Supervision Commission, MP Delyan Dobrev and in partnership with twelve business organizations and associations directly related to the capital market in the country, on October 10, was established Council for Capital Market Development in Bulgaria, said in a statement the Central Depository (CD).

The representatives of the managements of the institutions and organizations signed a memorandum on the establishment of the Council.

“In the FSC we are not only identified the main problems of the Bulgarian capital market, but will also offer, at the first meeting of the Council next week, practical solutions. For our part, as a regulator, I promise I will engage the expertise of the Commission in full, in order to offer meaningful solutions to the Council, for the capital market” said Chairman of the FSC Karina Karaivanova.

The Council is created as the official platform for cooperation between organizations in the non-banking sector.

Among its main priorities are the development of a comprehensive strategy and roadmap for capital market development in the medium and long term, increasing market capitalization and trading volumes on a regulated market and better regulation in financial markets. The creation of the Council aims to introduce also trading of new financial instruments on a regulated market, the creation of conditions for financing small and medium enterprises through the capital market and the ability to finance public offerings of financial instruments through operational programs and EU funds.

Source bloombergtv

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