In a solemn ceremony on October 18, 2016 in VUZF University, Italian entrepreneur Giovanni Calabro, founder and CEO of Calfin International Group, was awarded the honorary title of VUZF University Doctor Honoris Causa.

Among the official guests were Mr. Luca Dokov – VUZF University Doctor Honoris Causa, doyen of honorary doctors of the universityand doyen of the Insurance in Bulgaria, Prof. Pavel Pavlov – vice-rector for research at UMG “St. Ivan Rilski”.

img_6083The ceremony was opened by VUZF University rector Prof. Grigorii Vazov, who welcomed Giovanni Calabro and the guests in the room with the words: “For me, as rector of VUZF University, is an honor, such impressive personality, such a great entrepreneur and a major businessman as Giovanni Calabro, to be awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa of our University. This is a bright day in the history of the university and I am sure it will be long remembered.”

Prof. Vazov announced the decision of the Academic Council from 29 September, this year, with which Giovanni Calabro is awarded the honorary title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the university, for his contribution in the establishment of links between the Italian educational and for business systems and for supporting  VUZF University with technical equipment.

img_6109Giovanni Calabro received an honorary medal and a diploma under the applause of the crowded hall.

The new VUZF University Doctor Honoris Causa Giovanni Calabro thanked the rector of the university and the academic council for the top honor. He delivered an academic speech titled “Securitization of unlisted raw materials in order to create financial products.”

img_6114Calabro’s academic speech was welcomed by the hall and provoked the interest of academics and students.

Before giving the floor to the new Doctor Honoris Causa, the VUZF University rector prof. Vazov announced to the audience that the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research has decided to confer VUZF University deputy rector on research and career development Professor. Sava Grozdev the order “Academic palms” in recognition of its overall activity in the service of the Francophonie and the benefit of the Bulgarian youth. In turn, Professor. Grozdev welcomed Dr. Giovanni Calabro on behalf of the Academic Council and VUZF University academia with “Welcome” in the family of an honorary doctor of the university.

Doyen of VUZF University honorary doctors and doyen of the insurance in Bulgaria, Luka Dokov, congratulated the new Doctor Honoris Causa of the university with the words: “Dr. Calabro, I love this university, and believe me, you will love it too and you will be glad to be back here as I did now, being 92 years old.” Luka Dokov gave Giovanni Calabro his book and the story of his travels in 120 countries worldwide.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of Bulgarian and Italian business, VUZF University academia and students.

Mr. Calabro donated to VUZF University interactive boards and multimedia.

Giovanni Calabro is the eighth winner of the VUZF University honorary title “Doctor Honoris Causa”.

Atmosphere of the event can be found HERE.

His academic speech entitled “Securitization of unlisted raw materials in order to create financial products” you can find HERE.

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