Every year we are getting better. This shows the new ranking system of universities in Bulgaria for 2016 presented by MES. VUZF University climbs two places and ranks among the best Bulgarian universities in the field “Economics”, taking the fourth place. VUZF University is the youngest university ranked so high in the rankings. Behind these results stand much ambition, effort and desire to provide a better education in Bulgaria. Last but not least are our students who trusted us and continue to be our engine for development.

Ranking system of universities assists users in selecting a university. The updated edition of the System for 2016 contains information about 51 accredited universities in Bulgaria that offer education in 52 professional fields.

Among the criteria for drawing up the ranking system of universities are the learning process, research, learning environment, prestige of graduates in the labor market. For the first time this year is included a criterion for the share of students studying in final year who have graduated. The edition for 2016 included additional indicators measuring regional significance of universities and their commitment to the local economy.

The full ranking for 2016 can be found HERE (BG text).

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