Дискусионен форум бр. 5, 2008 г.Discussion forum No. 5, 2008

(Materials from the discussion held on 19 November 2007)

Topic: “Professional financial consulting – Status and Perspectives”
Authors of the main reports: Lyubomir Hristov, Brendan Glennon, Biser Petkov, Dr. Rumiana Sotirova, Kamen Dimitrov, Plamen Yalamov


Дискусионен форум бр. 4, 2007 г. Discussion forum No. 4, 2007

(Materials from the discussion held on 23 February 2007)

Topic: “Insurance and social security: similarities and differences”;
authors: Assoc. Prof. Jordan Hristoskov, Assoc. Prof. Boyan Iliev, Ch. Assist. Rumen Erusalimov, PhD, Ch. Assist. Plamen Yordanov, PhD

Дискусионен форум бр. 3, 2006 г.Discussion forum No. 3, 2006
(Materials from the discussion held on 15 October 2006)
Topic: “Privatization in Social Security”;
Author: Assoc. Prof. Jordan Hristoskov, PhD

Дискусионен форум бр. 2, 2005 г.Discussion forum No. 2, 2005

Topic I: “State requirements, problems and organization of the introduction of a system of accumulation and transfer of credits”; Author: Assoc. Prof. Georgi Genov (UNWE)
Topic II: “Comparative analysis of international curricula in finance, accounting and control (bachelor and master degrees)”; Authors: Assoc. Prof. Ognyan Simeonov, PhD, Atanas Dinkov, Ivo Apostolov, Ivo Koev (UNWE).

Дискусионен форум бр. 1, 2004 г.Discussion forum No.1, 2004

Topic: “Opportunities for drawing up and using the cash balance of turnover”
author: Prof. Dr. Habil. Metodi Hristov, PhD