KonfConference “The first seven years in the EU – evaluation of investment in long-term growth and the net effects at sectoral and regional level.”

Nearly 80% of public investments are made with money from the European Union. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev during the conference.

The forum was organized by VUZF University and the Institute for Strategy and Analysis (ISA).

Konferencia 26_10Third Scientific Conference “Innovation: engine of economic growth – 2015″.
VUZF University organized and hosted the third annual scientific conference “Innovation: engine of economic growth – 2015″.
Special guest of the conference was H.E. Iritis Lillian, Israeli ambassador to Bulgaria, which deliver a lecture to the audience focused on innovation in Israel – i.e. Nation-innovator.

България се учи от корейския опит в областа на иновациите, образованието  и науката
Bulgaria learns from the Korean experience in innovation, education and scienceсе

In exceptional interest ended the organized by VUZF University and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria, international conference “The Korean experience in innovation, education and science of Bulgaria”, held on 4 June 2015 at Grand Hotel Sofia. The international forum was opened by VUZF rector Prof. Grigoriy Vazov, H.E. Shin Maeng-ho, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria, prof. Kostadin Kostadinov and prof. Nikolay Denkov, Deputy Ministers of Education and Science, Mr. Doncho Barbalov, Deputy Mayor of Sofia. Welcome address on behalf of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev presented Prof. Rumyana Kolarova, secretary to the president for education, science and civil society. “Today’s discussion brings together representatives of state institutions, business and academia. It is a wonderful example that cooperation between Bulgaria and the Republic of Korea is steadily increasing … Such type initiatives are a step forward towards improving the dialogue and exchange of best practices in education and the opening of new working formulas and innovation” says the congratulatory message.
“From international conferences for exchange of experience can quickly to be found the right way forward,” said VUZF Rector Prof. Grigorii Vazov. According to him, this type of international forums contribute to the success of both our country and the universities of all countries, which work together. “This is the shortest way from what you think is necessary for society at that – regardless of the Bulgarian state,” said the Rector.

Prof. Vazov share one of his first direct impressions form Korea: “Back in 1993, from the position of Deputy Minister of Industry (1991-1994)q which I held at the time, I had to open the Day of Bulgaria at the World Exhibition in Seoul. Even then, the development and the inventions of Korea were ahead of the development of the rest of the world.”

In turn, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea H.E. Shin Meng-ho expressed his gratitude for the invitation to participate and organize international conference and for the opportunity to display the Korean experience in education. “We need to learn from each other,” said Meng-ho.

Among the highlights of the conference were: Reforms in the Korean education system and examples of innovative Korean companies. Moderator of the panel was VUZF University lecturer Assoc. Prof. Evgeni Evgeniev, PhD.

Former Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Korea (2010-2012). Prof. Ju Ho Lee announced that in the last 50 years Korea boasts a strong educational expansion. For example he gave in 1960 when compared with the US Korea was underdeveloped in terms of their education. In 2010, however, the levels of the two countries are almost equal.

Prof. Lee pointed out that this was due to major reforms in the education sector, which began with the analysis and identification of major problems – lowest rank of universities, strong vertical differentiation of HEIs. Analyzes have found out that the focus is on tests in school at the expense of practical skills and creative ideas.

Former education minister explained that it is important reform to go in two directions – crisis management and opening up education to new industries, partners and players.

“Human capital is the most important resource for economic growth,” says Ju Ho Lee, adding that the most important set objective is the development and diversification of education.

Head of “Samsung Electronics” for Bulgaria Chris Chung talked about the company’s experience in creating smart classrooms in Korea, Bulgaria, Croatia and how digital education greatly facilitate and support the educational process.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science prof. Kostadinov said that only a few days ago Bulgarian government delegation led by President Rosen Plevneliev, was on a visit to Korea, where it was signed a bilateral agreement on cooperation in education, science and technology.

At the end of the conference VUZF rector Prof. Vazov presented to H.E. Shin Maeng-ho ceramic vase on the occasion of ’25 of establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of Korea.

Media partners of the event are “Economics” magazine, “Banker” newspaper, “Insurer Press” newspaper, Klassa.bg, Inews.bg, Insmarket.bg.

You can find all about the conference at www.ino.vuzf.bg/korea

Photos from the atmosphere of the conference you can see here.

ВУЗФ организира международна конференция  International conference “Education – Tradition and Modernity”

On May 29, 2015 at VUZF University will be organized an international conference entitled: “Education – Tradition and Modernity”. The forum is organized by VUZF jointly with The Beijing Union University, China, The Minin University, Russia, The Ignatius University, USA, The European Center for Business, Education and Science, Journal of Education, Child Development and Counseling, Quality in Higher Education Institutions Journal.

Participation in the conference will take speakers from Bulgaria, China, Russia, USA, France, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Israel, India, Thailand and Vietnam.
Among the main topics of discussion will be: basic principles for educational reforms in the digital era; Key leadership competencies in education systems; The challenges facing higher education in China, Hungary, Serbia; Paradoxes of higher education in Bulgaria in an intercultural perspective, Bulgarian innovation in education, positive inclusive education and others.
The forum will be opened by VUZF rector Prof. Grigorii Vazov, H.E. Jinghu Wei, Ambassador of China in Bulgaria and Prof. Dr. Kostadin Kostadinov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

Here you can find the program of the conference.

Международна конференция International Conference “In the Footsteps of the Israeli model of innovation”

VUZF University and the Embassy of Israel in Bulgaria organize a conference entitled “In the Footsteps of the Israeli model of innovation” that will be held on 04.15.2015, from 13.30 to 17.30 hours in the VUZF building. Additional information about the forum and its participants can be found at http://ino.vuzf.bg/israeli

Here you can find the program of the conference.

2015-09-03 11 25 21   Fifth International Conference “Industry and Innovation – 2014″

VUZF University and “B2b Magazine” organized the Fifth International Conference “Industry and Innovation – 2014″, held on 30-31 October 2014 in “Kempinski Hotel Zografski”, Sofia. The conference was attended by guests and speakers from Bulgaria and abroad, representatives of the European Commission, the diplomatic missions in the country, the government and businesses.

The fifth edition of the forum passed under the motto: “Innovation: engine of economic growth,” which is a continuation of the discussion organized by VUZF a year ago (for more information, see Conference 2013). At this year’s event the focus was on innovative activities and projects as well as on the economic outlook and new realities in Bulgaria and the global world.

Additional information about the forum and its participants can be found at http://ino.vuzf.bg/israeli

Ректорът на ВУЗФ ще вземe участие в Българо-израелски форум за иновации и стартиращ бизнесVUZF University rector will take part in a Bulgarian-Israeli forum for innovation and start-ups

On 15 and 16 July 2015 will take place a two-day forum on “Opportunities for development of the Bulgarian-Israeli innovation projects and start-ups.” The event is under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria and is organized jointly with the Embassy of the State of Israel as part of the events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the renewal of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Israel.
The forum will be opened by Prime Minister of Bulgaria Mr. Boyko Borisov, Ambassador of the State of Israel to Bulgaria H.E. Shaul Kamisa Raz, as well as the President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Acad. Stefan Vodenitcharov and President of the Israel Academy of Sciences prof. Ruth Arnon.

Mr. Yaniv Alfie from the Bulgarian Innovation Center will make a presentation entitled “Israeli model of technology incubators.” Eli Fuchs will present on “Flexible and smart cities”, Dr. Yves Bitton will make a presentation on “Hybrids and online health services” and Mr. Joram Sadan will present technology “Horizon” and the opportunities for joint projects.

Presentations from the Bulgarian side will make Acad. Stefan Vodenitcharov, BAS, Stamen Yanev, Executive Director of the Agency for investments, Nikola Stoyanov, deputy executive director of the Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises. Participation in the forum for VUZF University will take the rector of the university Prof. Grigorii Vazov.
The first day of the forum will be opened by Mrs. Daniela Vezieva, deputy minister of economy. It will pass as a series of workshops during which will be discussed opportunities for cooperation and development of bilateral projects in the field of innovation with a focus on information technology and transport, medicine, energy, education, science and defense regional cooperation. VUZF will be presented by the Executive Director Ch. Assist. Radostin Vazov, Phd.


Престижен финансов форум „Иновации“ организират ВУЗФ и Асоциация Банка на годинатаVUZF University and Bank of the Year Association are organizing prestigious financial forum “Innovations”

VUZF University and Bank of the Year Association are organizing a prestigious Financial Forum “Innovations” on 06.16.2015 in the “Sofia Hotel Balkan.” The event is held for the second year and attracts top speakers from Bulgaria, USA, UK, Israel, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland.

Discussions at the conference are organized into three panels. The first is devoted to innovate in the financial business – incentives, regulation, challenges. The second panel examines technological innovation, and the third will seek answers to the question do the financial innovation have an alternative.

Bulgarian participants are top managers and representatives of leading banks in the country, of nonbank financial institutions, technology companies, companies with innovative products and projects, startup accelerators and others. Among the main speakers at the conference are senior managers from Unicredit Bulbank, EIbank, Post Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Bankservice, Hewlett Packard Bulgaria and others.

Foreign participation in the forum is at very high level, said Prof. Grigorii Vazov, Rector of VUZF University. In the three discussion panels are expected Dr. Fernando Montes-Negret, Director of Financial Center for analytical support of the World Bank in Vienna (FinSAC) and VUZF’s Doctor Honoris Causa Sophie Bertini, Corporate Development Manager in SIXGroup, Eraldo Gus, Vice President of Skrill, Vince Power, Skrill, Karin Meyer Rubinstein, CEO, Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI).

Bulgarian and foreign financial experts will comment on the changes needed in Bulgarian banks in order to respond to innovative trends in world banking, and various funding opportunities for innovation.

Key presentations will be dedicated to regional cybersecurity in the financial sector, the impact of new technologies and regulation on the operation of banks, the future of banking intermediation, national card BiCard, factor for the development of the market of card transactions, trends in payment methods, innovation in favor of the client and others.

You can find all about the forum at  www.finance-ino.vuzf.bg